The current installer for Pops Royalty Manager is always available here. After installation, software updates are automatically downloaded.

Current Release

Users of the new M1 Macs will be presented with a request to install “Rosetta” when installer/updater is run. This is normal, and it is OK to click on the “Install” button in the dialog. Here is a link to Apple’s support page that explains Rosetta: If you need to install Rosetta on your Mac


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Installation Guide

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User Guide

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To See What Version of Pops is Installed:

  • Open the Pops Application
  • Click ‘About Pops Royalty Manager’ from the top menu
  • The version number is presented at the top of the window

It should look similar to this image. Please note the version number.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using any version of Pops Royalty Manager older than version 3.3.1, you must contact us to upgrade the Pops Royalty Manager database.

About Pops

The About Pops dialog

If you need assistance please contact us at (619) 296-0114 or write to