Wondering-retro womanFrequently Asked Questions

I’m stuck and need help. What do I do?

We suggest looking through the User Guide first. If you are still having difficulty with an entry or are just not sure how to do something, you can reach the Pops Support Team several ways:

How do I install Pops?

Download the installer file from the download site the Download page onto your desktop, then locate the installer file and double click it to install. Once Pops is installed you do not need to be connected to the internet to use the program. If you don’t have reliable internet, we can mail the installer program to you.

How do I generate a report?

Once you have entered a sufficient amount of information into your database you can produce reports. Start by locating the Pops menu, where you see FILE EDIT WINDOW HELP.  Click on FILE and scroll down the menu till you see Reports…click on “Reports” and you will see a list of reports to choose from. Select the criteria you want to produce your report.

Can the database be backed up?

Yes. Users can backup the database and can also save the database as a file. This is done through the Preferences Panel. Currently in development is an auto backup feature which will backup your database automatically upon closing the application.

Can Pops take what I already have in Excel so I don’t have to retype all this information?

Yes! We offer free assessments where we view your data and see how much time it will take to import it all into Pops for you. If there is a lot of data and more than a few hours are needed we will provide an estimate.

If I add a document to an entry does Pops import a copy into the database or just access it based on where it was when I selected it?

The document (deed, check stub, etc) does get imported into the Pops software. When you add a document it is stored to another location in the Pops program data.

 If you happened to delete the file from its original location on your computer, it would still be visible to you within the Pops application. So there is added piece of mind that the file is stored within Pops even if something happens to it outside of the program.