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    How to use the Pops Support Website

    More than an online manual and FAQs sheet. Pos Town is an opportunity to create a community, where you can meet and discuss the i […]

  • Oil Royalty Terminology

    Abandoned Well
    A well that is not in use because it has either ceased to produce natural gas or because it was originally a dry hole.

    Assignment Clause
    A lease […]

  • The Tracts tab within the main viewer provides a central location for viewing and managing your land tracts. To access, click the tab that says ‘Tracts’.








    The Tracts module […]

  • The Titles Viewer provides a central location for viewing and managing your grants and deeds. The Titles Viewer can be accessed by single clicking the Titles tab.

    The Titles Viewer pane is divided into […]

  • The Companies tab, highlighted in blue when selected, provides a central location for viewing and managing the companies and/or agencies you do business with. In addition, owners are also defined as a Company. […]

  • Pops is a desktop software solution for individuals as well as industry professionals desiring to streamline the document and revenue management of their oil, gas and mineral royalty investments. […]

  • Thank you for using Pops!
    We’ve created this online user guide to help you understand the program and get the most out of it. Throughout the user guide you will see screen grabs of the program to help with […]

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    Welcome to the community for Pops Royalty Management Software. We hoping you join in and help us lighten the duties of management for all.