NARO Tour Special

On the Road with Pops

We exhibited Pops Royalty Manager software at the National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO) conventions in Louisiana and Oklahoma. We met some great people and turned a lot of folks onto Pops and how it can organize mineral management paperwork. But we aren’t done just yet!

We are attending more NARO conventions this year and really want to meet you! Please register and stop by our booth at:

We are offering a special rate for NARO members.

  • Katz Guy Pointing 90 Day GuaranteedA one time flat rate of $895 for a single user copy. No recurring monthly fees.
  • The opportunity to customize and enhance as needed by Mophilly Technology, Inc., the authorized dealer for Pops and a first class software company.
  • The convenience of an initial import or your existing data from Excel spreadsheets as part of the purchase price.
  • Free set up and training for one year.
  • A 90 day money back guarantee!

Enterprise Edition & Custom Solutions

For those needing multiple workstations with shared data and documents, or integration with other systems, we offer cloud hosting services and enterprise grade system and software engineering services. Visit our Enterprise Page.