Type Ahead Fields

The type ahead fields are a convenient way to lookup a company, state or county. This video shows you how to use a type ahead field.

I begin by typing the S key on the keyboard. The type ahead field displays the first company found that begins with an S.

Pressing the down arrow key changes the display to the next company that begins with the letter S. The down arrow key move through the list of matches alphabetically. The up arrow key moves the display the previous company.

You may want to search companies beginning with “S” and an “h”. I typed just the letter “h” on the keyboard and the display jumps to the first company starting with “Sh”. 

You may want to type the letter “E”. When I type the key, the display will show only those companies that begin with “She”.

This works in all the type ahead entry fields in the Pops Royalty Manager.