You may import Statement of Interest data (along with one Tract per Statement of Interest) from a properly-formatted Excel spreadsheet.

The fields you can import are listed below. All of these fields appear on the View Division Order Detail window and its related Tracts window.

You may import as many Statements of Interest at a time as you want, so long as each is on its own line in the spreadsheet. Don’t include any blank lines.

The fields you can import are:

Document Number                Required. Must not match a Document Number and County Code you already have in Pops.

Document, Unit, or Spacing Agreement Name

Date of Division Order         Date formatted as YYYY-MM-DD, eg, 2018-06-15

State                                       Required. County Required.

Issuer Name                          Required. Must match exactly a Company name you already have in Pops.

Operator Name                     If used, must match exactly a Company name you already have in Pops.

Payor Name                           If used, must match exactly a Company name you already have in Pops.

Date Received                      YYYY-MM-DD

Date Executed                      YYYY-MM-DD

First Payment Date              YYYY-MM-DD

Latest Payment Date           YYYY-MM-DD

Tract Name

Tract Fractional Interest

Land Description Type       If used, must be one of FTR, MAB, TAS, TRS, or SPL.

                                            (‘FTR’,’Federal Township and Range’)

                                            (‘MAB’,’Metes and Bounds’)

                                            (‘TAS’,’Texas Abstract and Survey’)

                                            (‘TRS’,’Texas Rectangular Survey’)

                                            (‘SPL’,’Subdivision Plat and Lot’)

Section Number

Township Number

Township Direction           N/S, North/South

Range Number

Range Direction                E/W, East/West

Baseline/Meridian name  If used, must be exact match of name as found in File → Preferences/Properties → Meridians/Baselines.


Gross Acres                      up to 10 decimal places

Available Acres                 up to 10 decimal places

Show as Producing          Use “y” for Yes and “n” for No, or “t” for True and “f” for False. Lowercase only.

Once you have prepared your spreadsheet, save a copy in “Tab-Delimited” format. Put the file into a convenient location on your computer. You will load the file from that location when you import it into Pops.