Ownership is established by setting the grantee in the title record. Each title represents a deed granting an ownership interest in real property. While it is common for the county recorders to allow you to name several individuals on a single document, from legal perspective each named individual is getting a well-defined separate ownership. In the Pops product, we represent that separate ownership with a title record for each owner.

Grantee names are drawn from the Company information, just like the operators and lessees. The Grantee is the current owner of a ownership interest. The Grantor is the seller of the ownership interest. For example, say that you are the current owner of an interest you inherited from your grandmother, then you are the Grantee and your grandmother is the Grantor.

Create An Owner Record
  1. Add a company record for each owner. For individual, simply make up a company name and add a contact and other information.
  2. Add a Title (aka deed) and pick the “Grantee” from the type ahead field on the Title Editor. While you are there, you can also add the “tracts” which is land description.

The tab called Titles and the tab called Lands in the Main Viewer display different views of the same data. That is, Titles presents the basic grant deed information, such as the recording date, and Lands presents tract descriptions. Either will open the Title Editor. You use the Title Editor to add deed and land description information.